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Tauragė District Municipality is primary economic development center of Tauragė Region. The distric has the largest industry section in the region, developed furniture production, auto sales business,wide trading service network, evolving business support infrastructure and potential opportunities of becoming competitive and economically viable district in the future. The least developed and the least added value creating sectors are agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishery.

Tauragė District Municipality is suitable for business creation,development, investments; business development is promoted and supported in the district.

One of the main advantages of Tauragė DistrictMunicipality –convenient geographical location for transit, good road infrastructure, oriented towards the regions of Lithuania, Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia) and Latvia Via the Hanseatic corridor. Export cargoes are shipped via Klaipėda Sea port and import goods are brought back.

On December 31, 2011 the number of enterprises, registered in Tauragė District Municipality was 1 668.  56 companies have been registered in District Municipality in 2011. The majority of enterprises of the district are small companies (microbusinesses) with up to 10 employees, their annual income is 7 million Litas. In 2006–2012 71,8 percent of all the operating companies were microbusinesses. If compared with regional  and national distribution of enterprises by economic activity indicators, relatively more transportation, trade, accommodation and food service, industrial companies and relatively less construction companies are operating in Tauragė District municipality. Approximately 73 percent of all industrial companies of the region are operating in the district. In2011, 332 legal entities of Tauragė District were engaged in wholesale and retailtrade, motorvehicle and motorcycle repair activities. A large number of  Tauragė companies are engaged in vehicle repair and trade.

The indicator of registered enterprises per 1000 residents partially describes entrepreneurship of certain areas of the population and attractiveness of the territory for business development. When comparing Tauragė DistrictMunicipality indicators with other municipalities, it can be seen that number of enterprises per 1000 residents in Tauragė district is lower from the one in the country but higher from the one of Tauragė Region. The average number of registered enterprises per 1000 residents in Tauragė DistrictMunicipality in 2006–2010 was 30,6; in the region – 27,4; in the country– 50,4. Considering this we can suggest that Tauragė DistrictMunicipality is more attractive for business than other municipalities of Tauragė Region.

Based on the data of Tauragė STI, 1 400 individuals were engaged inself-employment with business licenses  in 2011. In 2010 there were 1 120. The number of self-employed individuals with certificates was 523 in 2011.

In 2011 there were 2 508 operating farms in Tauragė District Municipality and in 2010 there was 2 491 farm. Dairy and crop farms are dominating in the district.

The capital from various countries can be found in Tauragė industry, production goes as far as the USA. The goods are exported to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Great Britain, Belgium and other countries and imported from France, Germany,Great Britain and other countries.


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