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Code 188737457
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Respublikos str. 2, LT 72255 Taurage
Phone +370 446 62810,  55 344
Fax +370 446 70 801

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Sigitas Mičiulis

Mayor of the Municipality 

Tel. +370 446 62 811

Fax. +370 446 70 801


Born in Degučiai village, Vilkaviškis district, Lithuania, on May 27, 1958. Has a two-year older brother, who is a farmer now and lives in Vilkaviškis district.

1976 – graduated from Salomėja Nėris  secondary school in Vilkaviškis and entered the Kaunas Polytechnical Institute  department of Automation. Acquired a specialty of an engineer-  systemotechnic.

After graduating the Institute  arrived in Tauragė and started to work as an engineer-constructor at construction materials producers' union ”Keramika”. At leisure time trained employees’ children to play basketball.

1988 – joined the Reform Movement of Lithuania, was a member of the Reform Movement Council in Tauragė.

1990, 1997 and 2011 – elected to the Council of Taurage Municipality.

Since February 1992, till April 2015 – headed S. Mičiulis individual enterprise ”Bremena”.

Married, together with the wife Regina have two sons and brought up a ward who at twelve years old lost his parents. At present, the elder son Šarunas lives in Tauragė and works in the individual enterprise ”Bremena”. The younger son  Gintaras lives in Vilnius and works in a Ltd “Teva”. The ward Vygandas lives and works in London. All of them have their own families.

I am a patriot of my country, love Lithuania, so actively contribute to preserve its freedom and security. On  May 11, 2014 joined the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union. I also support the Ukrainian people's desire to be free – I am the Vice President of  Fellowship  between Taurage County and Ternopol (Ukraine).

Actively participate in Tauragė community activities: headed  Tauragė County Business Association – was its chairperson, also I am a member of a ROTARY Club.

My interests include ecology and history. At leisure time I play basketball, volleyball,  I am a member of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation.

The slogan, which I follow in life – “Nature  verifies us and time tests”.


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