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Municipality budget office
Code 188737457
Data is collected and stored in Register of Legal Entities
Respublikos str. 2, LT 72255 Taurage
Phone +370 446 62810,  55 344
Fax +370 446 70 801

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Business Tourism


Taurage tourism and business information centre  

Dariaus ir Girėno str. 5, 72215 Tauragė

Virginija Jankevičienė


Tel.: +370 446 61 404, +370 446 61 222




  1. It was a border between Lithuania and Lithuania Minor for ages. The tourists can see the defensive line of mounds and the border of Lithuania and Lithuania Minor; book smuggler roads and Secret smuggler pathways were stretching here in ancient times.
  2. Tauragė has its own, unique character and distinctive features. this region as it is rich with valuable natural, cultural and historical monuments, interesting sights – ancient settlements, parks, mounds, dense river network with unique landscape, churches and museums. Tauragė region invites the ones who like to pedal as well as those, who enjoy looking through the car window. We invite our visitors to admire Pagramantis Regional Park by taking the route Pagramantis–Kreiviai–Burkėnai–Geniai–Gudlaukis–Pagramantis.
  3. To admire the sough of beautiful woods and forests. Tauragė region travelers are greeted by wonderful forests and enchanting valleys of Jūra, Akmena, Ančia, Šešuvis rivers. You will be able to experience a lot of pleasant moments while visiting Pagramantis Regional Park and Viešvilė State Reserve.
  4. There is a possibility to see the unique building – Tauragė Castle. Tauragė Castle, an impressive ensemble of buildings, built in the XIX century, former Customs of the Tsarist Russia has become the heart and the visiting card of town. The castle was built in several stages and the buildings have acquired the style of Romantic Renaissance. Tauragė County Museum, Student Creativity Center, Children’s Library, Tourism and Business Information Center await their visitors in Tauragė Castle; various events, celebrations and festivals are organized in the courtyard all year long. Tauragė Tourism and Business Information Center offers a walk around the Old Tauragė and acquaintance with the castle as well as with other places of interest.
  5. There are lots of attractions for lovers of water tourism. The landscape and historical heritage attract a lot of water tourists. They enjoy rocky shoals, riffles, outcrops, flora and fauna. Water tourism route of Jūra river is one of Lithuanian national water trails. It is possible to take a one day trip from Balskai dam to Tauragė as well as five day trip starting from Kvėdarna town (Šilalė District Municipality) to Šereitlaukis (Pagėgiai Municipality). The district takes care of the management and development of tourism infrastructure in the region. In 2011, when the projects have been implemented, the urban part of Jūra river bed was cleaned, illuminated recreation site, parking lots have been installed, the beach was formed, beach volleyball court and outdoor training zone were equipped, gazebos were built, benches have been arranged, minidock was installed and  information board for water tourists has been put up. Enthusiasts of the extremes may choose Akmena river and the ones who like it quiet – Šešuvis river.
  6. The old symbols of culture of the Balts are embodied here. In 2011 the park near Jūra river was reconstructed in order to contribute to the products of tourism and development of public tourism infrastructure in town. The park is unique as the ancient symbols of the culture of Balts are embodied here: the Sun, the Moon, grass-snake, the symbol of infinity, or coherence. All the elements of nature are unified here: air, water, fire and earth. The sculpture-fountain “Gyvybės medis“ (meaning “Tree of life”) and 12 benches, marked with signs of the zodiac of old religion of the Balts are installed in the center of the park.
  7. You can “settle the accounts” with your old enemies here. Paintball is a wonderful attraction for lovers of active recreation. It is an “innocent“ game, providing possibilities to “settle the accounts” with annoying business partner, the boss or obsessive childhood friend. It allows you to get away from daily routines, at least for a while and immerse into the world of action, motion and ardor.
  8. Here you can see Tauragė region from the bird‘s eye view. Small airfield in Girininkai village, established in 2010, can be used by aviation organizations and individuals. Festivals, competitions are organized here and air tourists are welcome as well. Tauragė District Municipality balloonists await their guests and promise unforgettable impressions.
  9. One of the largest Adventure parks in Lithuania is located here. You shall experience unforgettable emotions during your visit to Taurai Park. The Recreation park is arranged on the periphery of Tauragė town in the previous territory of Tauragė Manor for active or passive recreation purposes of locals and the guests. There are gazebos and benches installed in the park, various attractions for children. Since 2011 one of the largest Adventure parks in Lithuania was opened here.
  10. People are hospitable here. The whole complex of tourism services can be found in Tauragė region, including hotels, conference rooms, food service companies, bowling and billiard (pool) clubs.  Hospitable owners of the farmsteads await for the tourists, looking forward for a nice get-away from the city.


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