Tauragė district municipality

Creating tomorrow today!

Taurage is a city surrounded by nature, between the loops of the Sea river, prominent mounds and picturesque outcrops. Full of sincere people and young families who cultivate culture, sports and the arts. A city where nature and people create life, where tomorrow is being created today!

About Tauragė district municipality

A few words about our district municipality

Tauragė district municipality occupies 1179 sq. km area. Of these, agricultural land makes up 52.75%, forests – 35.19%, roads – 1.44%, cities and settlements – 2.12%, water bodies – 1.61%, other areas – 6.89 percent.

Tauragė district municipality was established in 1995. and the largest is the average Lithuanian municipality with a population of 38 thousand. population. There are 8 elderships in the district municipality: Batakiai, Gaurė, Lauksargiai, Mažonai, Tauragė district, Tauragė city, Skaudvilė, Žygaičiai. In 2009, 43 small elderships were established.

Principles of municipal activity:
  • Transparent and efficient financial management;
  • Development of convenient infrastructure;
  • Attracting investment;
  • Improving the quality of municipal services;
  • Purposeful use of funds.

Tauragė district – the greenest district of Lithuania – such a message has been spreading since 2015. The initiative to become the greenest quickly became one of the priority works of Tauragė municipality, which is systematically implemented and continues. Solar, wind, water and even sludge energy is used. The largest wind farm in the country has been installed in the district, the second largest hydroelectric power plant in the country is located in Balskai Dam, sludge processing facilities are operating, and solar power plants are located on the roofs of public institutions. Tauragė District Municipality implements various solutions that increase energy efficiency, declares electricity savings and has become a member of the ESO Intelligent Energy Club.

Dependence on the global network is inevitable, so as we go hand in hand with the flow of information about the work done and the need for skilled workers, we shout out loud!

The main elements of the transport infrastructure of Tauragė district municipality are the road network, railway lines, local waterways, as well as aerodromes in the villages of Girininkai (Žygaičiai eldership) and Norkaičiai, which are intended for ultralight aircraft flights. Tauragė district municipality borders with Jurbarkas, Raseiniai, Šilalė, Šilutė district municipalities and Pagėgiai municipality.

The international “Via Hanseatica” highway, which connects European countries with Russia, runs through the city of Tauragė, and the Radviliškis – Pagėgiai railway has been built on the southern edge. The Vilnius-Klaipėda highway runs along the northern border of the district. Tauragė is the center of Tauragė district municipality and county, the most important industrial, trade, service, educational and cultural city in the region.

Mayor of Tauragė district municipality

Mayor of Tauragė district municipality Dovydas Kaminskas


Dovydas Kaminskas

+370 685 09167

Dovydas Kaminskas

Dear residents and guests of Tauragė district, time passes indescribably fast, some ideas change others, but the goal of working for the well-being of the residents of Tauragė district while creating a modern community and not fearing positive changes remained united.

Taurage is moving in the right direction, I believe that the rolling train is still in full swing. Together, we will try to create Tauragė, fostering the core values of honesty, responsibility, openness and respect for each other. We strive for Tauragė district to be economically strong, creative, modern and open to new ideas, and for Tauragė residents to be happy and proud of their land.

Let’s follow the principle – “Think globally, act locally”.

The future is in the hands of all of us!

The mayor receives visitors at

Respublikos str. 2, Tauragė 72256, Cabinet No. 201 (reception time: II: 9:00 - 12:00)

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