Urban partnerships

Partners of Tauragė district municipality

Partner cities connect two (sometimes three or more) cities or municipalities to promote cultural or economic exchanges. 1921 the first such cooperation between the two European cities took place. Partnerships were increasingly agreed after 1945. The main goal was international understanding and reconciliation after World War II. Today, the focus is on youth exchanges, cultural meetings or community cooperation. There are now many partnerships that go beyond Europe.

In pursuit of common interests, promoting economic, social and cultural development, the city of Tauragė may establish cooperation not only with local and regional government units of the Republic of Lithuania, but also with local and regional self-government units of other countries. Tauragė started the partnership of cities after regaining independence.


City partner
since 1994 July 15, 2013, the contract was renewed in 2013. May 24


City partner
since 15 August 2001.


City partner
since 2008 May 30


City partner
since 2011 September 5


City partner
since 5 November 2012

Považska Bystrica

City partner
since 2014 May 24


City partner
since 2015 October 7


City partner
since 2017 June 6



City partner
since 2023 October 19

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