Director of Administration

Director of Tauragė district municipality administration

The municipal executive body is the director of the municipal administration, the deputy director (s) of the municipal administration (when this (these) position (s) is (are) established and when this (these) position (s) is (are) empowered by the executive), with public administration rights and duties.
Director of Administration

Gintarė Rakauskienė

+370 652 53044

Life description

Gintarė Rakauskienė was born in 1984. July 23 in Taurage. Vytautas Magnus University majored in art studies. Holds the position of director of Tauragė district municipality administration since 2021. Until then, she held the position of executive at UAB “Dunokai”.

Respublikos str. 2, Tauragė 72255, Cabinet No. 204

Specialist (rapporteur of the director)
Vakarė Kazlauskė
Mobile phone: +370 671 90353, email: [email protected]

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