Coat of arms

Coat of arms of Tauragė district municipality

Tauragė city is the center of Tauragė district municipality, located by the Jūra river. Although the history of Tauragė is old and rich, it received city rights only in 1932, during the time of the Republic of Lithuania. Even later, in 1969, the city coat of arms was created. It depicts the horn of a hunting bull. It symbolizes both the ancient hunting and the struggles of this region, as well as the name of the city of Tauragė. It can be called the “speaking” coat of arms. A year later, the coat of arms of Tauragė was abolished, as were the coats of arms of other cities. the horn of taur, like the eagle, lion, or other similar symbols, has a long tradition of heraldry.

The revised coat of arms of the city of Tauragė was approved by the President of the Republic of Lithuania in 1997 on March 3.

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