Lauksargiai eldership

Lauksargiai eldership of Tauragė district municipality

The area of Lauksargiai eldership is 6392 he, the center of the eldership is Lauksargiai village (Lauksargiai is a village by the road Tilžė-Tauragė, 9 km southwest of Tauragė.). There were 15 villages left in the eldership instead of 16, because in 2011 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania August 24 by resolution no. In 981, the settlement area of Žilučiai village was abolished and its territory was assigned to Kamščiai village territory.

Beržų str. 1, Lauksargių v., Tauragė d. m.

8 446 41 124

Working hours:
I-IV: 8:00 h. - 12:00 h. and 12:45 h.- 17:00 h.
V: 8:00 h. - 12:00 h. and 12:45 h. – 15:45 h.

Lauksargiai eldership employees

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