Skaudvilė eldership

Skaudvilė eldership of Tauragė district municipality

The coat of arms of Skaudvilė was approved by the President of the Republic of Lithuania in 2005. December 20 Decree No. 479.

Skaudvilė never had a historical coat of arms. The Heraldry Commission, together with the representatives of the eldership, decided to depict the weight in the new coat of arms. In many regions of Lithuania, this tool is still called the word “bezmėnas”, which originates from the Belarusian language, and which still weighs goods in the markets. This symbol is intended to show that the city grew and developed through trade.

Upynos str. 3, Skaudvilė, Tauragė d. m.

+370 446 58 237

Working hours:
I-IV: 8:00 val. - 12:00 h. and 12:45 h.- 17:00 h.
V: 8:00 h. - 12:00 h. and 12:45 h. – 15:45 h.
Note: People are not served on Wednesdays

Tauragė city council employees

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