Tauragė city eldership

Tauragė district eldership of Tauragė district municipality

Tauragė city eldership, which occupies an area of 1,416 he, covers the entire city of Tauragė. The eldership has a population of 23,336. The city has 229 streets with a length of 112 km. The area of squares and greenery supervised by the eldership is 78,623 m2, of which 1,700 m2 are city flower gardens. The city eldership supervises four cemeteries with an area of 17.7 he.

The mission of Tauragė city eldership is to implement the right of self-government and to perform the functions of public administration and provision of public services at the eldership level by satisfying the public needs and interests of the eldership community.

The purpose of the eldership is to properly perform public administration by providing public services and to improve the quality of life in the territory served by the eldership, to create a healthy, safe and clean environment.

V. Kudirkos str. 9, Tauragė 72217

+370 446 61 511

Working hours:
I-IV: 8:00 h. - 12:00 h. and 12:45 h.- 17:00 h.
V: 8:00 h. - 12:00 h. and 12:45 h. – 15:45 h.

Tauragė city council employees

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